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About us


ESL is a leading company in ICT system integration and service provider of telecommunication systems and networks.  Our company provides professional services to commercial customers ranging from small & medium enterprises (SME) to Multi-national customers (MNC), including Banking and Finance, Retails, Manufacturing, Hotels, General Trading and many others.We are a key business partner with Network service providers in Hong Kong for Network and CPE bundle for providing total solutions in IP and I.T. communications.

Our strength comes from our deep local expertise, the quality of our service and our ability to innovate to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We remain focused on expanding our customer base, broadening our business lines. Our sincerity and trustworthiness has gained the confidence of our customers and we are determined to maintain and keep up our good reputation.

Our Company Structure




As a Hong Kong-based company, ESL and former company has been serving the local and mainland enterprises for more than 20 years. Building on our many achievements over the years, we are now expanding the scope of our businesses into Hong Kong, Macau and Greater China.

2004  The company was formed to provide services to Telecommunication leaders in Hong Kong under group company `Integrated Communication Systems Limited`.
2005 Appointed by a PABX manufacturer as a CPE supplier to offer solutions of `Network and CPE` bundle services to a leading network carrier in Hong Kong. The company became a key business partner in `Network and CPE` solution provider in Hong Kong.
2006 The company had awarded business directly with major Corporate customers including Banking, Hotel and Property developers. Provision of networking solution over IP platform for Hong Kong – China, cross boarder business also became the very important milestone of success in China business.
2008   Awarded partnership with an IP System manufacturer to offer IP solutions and consultancy for enterprises requiring IP solutions.The company was positioned as `System Integrator` in communication and IP networking solutions to enterprises and carriers. 
2010 and onwards Enterprise Systems Limited (ESL) was established with focus to provide communication and networking solutions to enterprises aiming to quality assurance, reliability and cost values.